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Place added on Oct 7th, 2008

12-14 Heddon Street, London. W1B 4DA London

United Kingdom (map)

Tel 0207 758 4110

London Underground Oxford Circus - 0.28 miles
London Underground Piccadilly Circus - 0.38 miles
London Underground Green Park - 0.38 miles

This place has 19 reviews

Date of visit: November 2015

This is my go-to place in central London. It was packed when I visited; I'm so happy to see that as in the early days it was often quiet. Lots of vegan options and a special vegan day too. My husband had vegan sticky toffee pudding (delicious) and I took home the recipe card. I save a couple of quid by having the tap water that is offered free. Excellent.

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: July 2015

Got taken here as a late birthday treat. Never even knew it was there, hidden off of Regents Street. What a lovely surprise. I plumped for a little bit of everything and as you are charged by the weight, it cost me 20 quid but it was well worth it. Maybe a little expensive but I will definitely be going back

Reviewer Darren J (London) has written 32 reviews

Date of visit: February 2015

Tibits now have regular 'vegan days' when the whole food boat is vegan (it's 80% other days). Check on their website for dates. Great idea!

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: March 2013

Finally made it to Tibits. Although it is food I wouldn't normally eat, we were in the mood for something different so gave it a try.

And the verdict was very good. I don't normally eat a lot of cooked food, and didn't see anything raw, even the cold salads seemed to contain mostly cooked items, but having said that it was really nice.

There was such a huge selection of dishes that I was able to avoid certain foods that I would never dream of eating such as soya, deep fried foods and veg in sweet and sour sauce without feeling deprived.

We both filled our plates, realising too late that we had gone a bit mad, lots of little bits of this and that soon add up to a lot of something, and in our case the bill came to 22 for 2 plates of food...which for us, who don't eat out much, is a lot of money, however it was a special occasion and we really enjoyed it.

They also had trays of desserts, there was a sponge cake and sticky toffee pudding, I don't imagine there was anything vegan, or non-soya at any rate, but we were so stuffed from our lunch plates that there was no need to ask and be disappointed.

We got there for midday on a Wednesday and it was still fairly quiet, although in the past I have attempted to come here on a couple of occasions, and never managed it as its been packed to the rafters.

We would go back, the staff were very friendly and explained how the system worked, but next time I will definately have a good look first at what is on offer and then choose what I really fancy, rather than getting carried away with the excitement of all the cooked food, having everything and paying above my means.

Reviewer john d (London) has written 7 reviews

Date of visit: February 2013

Popped in here on Saturday around lunchtime and it was heaving. Lovely to see it so busy. Help yourself buffet with many choices.

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: January 2013

We were looking for a Veggie/vegan place to meet up with family and friends and found Tibits on the internet.

We were absolutely delighted with this find!!!

Excellent food,very friendly and helpful staff. The place had a nice ambience.

Next time we are visiting London,we will most definitely go to Tibits again.

Reviewer Irene M has written no other reviews

Date of visit: October 2012

Took my two daughters here this week and they really loved it. There's lots of choice and it's fun to just be able to take your pick!

Reviewer Michele M (Nottinghamshire) has written 23 reviews

Date of visit: July 2012

We go here lots and they always have plenty of choice on the buffet. About 60% of the savoury dishes are vegan, and are all clearly marked. Not the same choice of puddings, sadly - there is usually just one or two vegan choices (although to be fair last time it was sticky toffee pudding, which sort of made up for it!) The food is fresh, really well flavoured and of good quality. So long as you keep a careful check on the amount you are putting on your plate (!) you should get lunch or dinner for 8-9. I am still not entirely convinced about the pay-by-weight ethos, as you don't have any idea how much it will cost you until you get to the till (a friend of ours was shocked when her plate weighed in at 13). But on the upside it does make you think about what you are eating and there is virtually no waste, which has to be good. The vibe is really laid back and comfortable, the staff are friendly and it's a fab little oasis just off Regent Street.

Reviewer Margy U has written 8 reviews

Date of visit: April 2012

We went here on a rare visit to London for a birthday theatre trip - so hopes were high for a good experience - we weren't disappointed! Myself and my 2 daughters were treated to an enormous display of foods we could eat - as opposed to the usual 1 veggie choice covered in cheese where we live :( The choice was amazing. There wasn't as much choice for vegans - but at least there was some choice - quite an unusual occurence. When my daughter mentioned it was my birthday we were immediately given 10% discount and I was also treated, by the restaurant, to a gorgeous chocolate brownie with a candle in it and an impromptu rendition of 'Happy Birthday' - lovely, but a bit embarrassing too! We will definitely return if we go to London again.

Reviewer Karen V has written 3 reviews

Date of visit: April 2012

This is a help yourself buffet restaurant. You pay by weight and it can be surprising how it adds up - my average has been around 11 a plate. So it's not cheap but there's a great vegan selection (at least 50% of savoury dishes are vegan and at least one sweet)and a good wine list. It's a really comfortable place to sit for a couple of hours - no one hassles you to go. Dishes change regularly and there is always plenty of choice.

Reviewer Margy U has written 8 reviews

Date of visit: April 2012

First visit here at about 7pm on a Thursday when it was just filling up, though it never got crowded. Wonderful selection of very tasty food, both hot and cold. We liked the self-service and there were plenty of friendly staff to help if needed. The only downside was the unchanging and overloud thudding background 'music' that made conversation difficult. Well worth a visit nonetheless.

Reviewer Biph F has written no other reviews

Date of visit: August 2011

I was spoilt for choice at this place. It is slightly on the expensive side, I spent £8 for a hearty lunch, but it was worth it.

Reviewer Lakshmi B has written no other reviews

Date of visit: August 2011

This is my first port of call in central London, whether for a meal or just a cup of tea. Delicious, reasonably priced food; free Wi-Fi, in a pedestrian-free zone just off Regent Street at the Piccadilly end. Also ideal for theatre suppers.

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: August 2010

I was delighted to see yesterday that one of our favourite lunchtime spots was so busy, we had to eat outside. On a fine day, that’s no hardship, as tables are set up on the pavement of this pedestrian-only eating haven.

Tibits is squeaky clean and the food choice is huge; you take what you like and pay by weight. I still find it odd that my large teacup has no saucer, so there’s nowhere to put my teabag, but it’s a minor quibble. An excellent quiet spot for lunch after braving the crowds in nearby Regent Street and Oxford Street.

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: March 2009

We had another fine lunch here on Sunday. It's so handy as a break from shopping, being right in the West End.

I like being able to choose where the mood takes me; so it was soya beans with fennel and aubergine with tomato and lots of fresh salad. Delicious, and a very reasonable £7.10 including Assam tea.

Reviewer Veggie Places

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: February 2009

Visited here last week. Really loved the Zurich branch and hoped the London restaurant would live up to it. It did! We arrived about 2pm on a Friday and it was pretty quiet, the food was all very fresh and well presented. A member of staff was constantly tidying up and changing the serving spoons etc. A waitress came over with some samples of their smoothie of the day which was delicious. Sure this place is more expensive than the likes of 'Tai' but it's 10 times better! Noticed they sell Campari-that's not veggie!

Tibits is my new no.1 in London.

Reviewer Matt P has written 8 reviews

Date of visit: January 2009

I totally loved Tibits. The courtyard it is located at was really a huge surprise to us on a busy Saturday afternoon.

As soon as we got in, a friendly lady explained us what the concept was and gladly answered all our questions.

The food was delicious. A lot to choose from, cold salads to warm dishes. I was also pleasantly surprised by the cost. Two people, with a glass of wine and a full plate was just 21 pounds (for dinner!). I wanted to taste their deserts as well, but was way too full to continue (which is a great sign!)

If I lived in London, I'd be their most frequent visitor! Love the concept, love the location, love the atmosphere and love the food.

Reviewer Vicky M has written 6 reviews

Date of visit: October 2008

Situated in a pleasant courtyard, away from the crowds and traffic of nearby Regent Street, this restaurant is handily placed in central London, a short walk from Piccadilly Circus.

Only a few weeks old, the only sign that this Swiss owned restaurant was new, were the small areas of unfinished plasterwork near the lift. Although it’s buffet style, staff were charming and very much in attendance, explaining the concept when you entered and clearing plates efficiently.

Downstairs are the “children’s lounge” and the toilets, where a rather uninspired but noisy game of hide and seek was taking place on my visit. (He’s behind the pushchair).

The design has been done by some big name and the place does look pretty, in a Habitat meets Ikea sort of way but my bench seat was too far from the table so I had crumbs in my lap; the lady with children on the two sofas and low table was struggling to eat her soup and I heard the couple near me on high stools ask each other whether they wanted to move. The proper tables with normal chairs had been bagged before we got there.

The food concept is similar to the much missed Country Life: you choose from a huge selection at the buffet and then pay by weight. I really like this idea. I like little bits of lots of different things which I guess it what the idea is about. My grand plan was to have a selection of hot food and then go back for salad and pudding, but guess what - I was too full. There must have been thirty things from which to choose - hot options and then many salad choices with extras like alfalfa sprouts and dressings. A bread roll of your choice is included in the price. Everything is vegetarian - even cheese - I checked - and vegan and gluten free are clearly marked.

Boxes are provided for takeaway; this is certainly where I would head for picnic or office food if I worked near here.

With hot drinks our bill was just under £20, which I think is good value considering the food is beautifully fresh. I enjoyed everything I ate and would come back for lunch again in a heartbeat. It would also be a great place to come pre theatre as you can time your stay.

Mr Big claims it is his new favourite restaurant in London - is there higher praise?

Reviewer Veggie Places

Date of visit: October 2008

This successful Swiss concept in vegetarian eating has been brought to central London. The food is locally sourced where possible. From a huge selection, you make your choice and then pay by weight.

Reviewer Veggie Places

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