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Veggie friendly restaurant / cafe - Vegan Options - Non-Smoking

Wonderful Veggie & Vegan friendly french cafe

Place added on Nov 19th, 2012

15-17 Market Row, London. SW9 8LB London

United Kingdom (map)

Tel 020 7978 8515

London Underground Brixton - 0.1 miles
London Underground Stockwell - 0.99 miles

This place has 6 reviews

Date of visit: March 2013

Wow, reading these reviews makes me think that L'Express Cafe is a bit schizophrenic.

We ate there on a Thursday evening, and the staff were utterly charming and friendly. Yes, it was a little bit shambolic, but not overly so and the food was delicious, especially the Love Stew. We brought our own bottle of wine and enjoyed our meal immensely.

We'll be going back again.

Reviewer Carole B has written 11 reviews

Date of visit: March 2013

"French". Enough said. Went on Saturday evening. Utterly rude staff who thought they were doing you a favour and vegan food my 7yo would be disgusted to serve. I've eaten vegan food all over London and New York, this place should be shut-down. I suspect lack of return custom will do it for them.

Reviewer Adrian J (London) has written 22 reviews

Date of visit: February 2013

Poor me indeed....

I am quite aware that this place is a greasy spoon midweek so visited on a Sunday, for brunch as stated in the review when the place is in fact L'express veggy and not the meaty cafe. The review stands. You say the place is unpretentious and haphazard. I say it is dirty and unprofessional. Waiting for almost an hour for a totally unsatisfactory fry up is not on.

The place has no charm and the staff no manners. AVOID.

Reviewer Tara w has written 4 reviews

Date of visit: February 2013

Poor Tara. I feel I should point out that during the day Cafe Express is your bog standard (but I'm sure very good) greasy spoon, serving fried breakfasts and mugs of tea. Don't go during the day expecting them to happily accommodate your vegan requirements, you'll be disappointed.

BUT... go along on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night and you'll be greeted by very friendly and enthusiastic staff who've transformed the place with the use of a few tea lights, table cloths and french vinyl. The owner / waiter and his team obviously have such a blast (aided I suspect by a few glasses of wine) that it's impossible not to relax and have a giggle. No pious, badge wearing vegetarians here.

We shared a platter of green and black olive tapenade, humus and home made bread followed by an amazing gratin and a chickpea terrine, both served with fantastic salads, roasted vegetables, fruits and nuts. We took a bottle of cheap plonk from the offie on the corner (no corkage) and the whole thing set us back 22. Can't be bad.

The fact that two completely different business share the space and the unpretentious, slightly haphazard set up are part of L'Express Cafe's charm. We'll be going back.

Reviewer Katherine R has written no other reviews

Date of visit: February 2013

Vegan friendly is a bit of a joke.

After telephoning to confirm that they served vegan food and being told that vegan versions of everything on the menu would be available I headed down there for Sunday brunch.

Not only did we wait for 20 minutes to place an order in an empty cafe, but then waited a further 30 mins for a lukewarm plate of salad, baked beans and old roast potatoes. We ordered a veggy cooked breakfast! The staff were hungover and uninterested, still finishing last night's wine out the back whilst they sculked around wearing sunglasses and ignoring us. The waiter didnt even know what vegan meant and asked if I wanted an egg. No soya milk for the stewed tea, no veggy spread for the cold toast. Awful experience, it all seemed like a bit of a in joke to them. I won't return.


Reviewer Tara w has written 4 reviews

Date of visit: November 2012

A new "pop in" restaurant has opened in Brixton recently (french vegan chef) serving AMAZING veggie and vegan french food such as :

- Fondue

- Organic Puys lentil salad with fresh oranges and a warm red wine sauce

- Soupe ? l'oignon

- Spicy coconut, carrot and coriander soup

- Haute-Savoie cheese platters

- Reblochonnade wih chestnut pesto, roasted balsamic cherry tomatoes and fresh green salad with a proper vinaigrette

- Forest style tagliatelles cooked with wild mushrooms, cr?me fra?che, organic white wine, served with grilled aspargus, onnion confit stuffed tomatoes and salad

- Vegan platter with a lot of vegan goodness (including raw & macrobiotic food)

- All day veggie / vegan breakfast

- Great cakes (lemon pie, fondant au chocolat, etc)

Everything under 10? !!!

The pop in takes place in the oldest caf' of Brixton, the EXPRESS CAFE (15-17 Market Row, Brixton, London SW9 8LB) which is a place for locals during the day and from thursday night to sunday a new team take down the place, changing all the decoration, playing live french reccords, supporting the local businesses, practising the "bring your own bottle thing", Brixton pound, etc.

There is not enough places for veggie and vegan people in South London, we've got to support that!!!

Reviewer Anselmo J (connected with place) has written no other reviews

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