Neal's Yard Salad Bar

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Veggie friendly restaurant / cafe - Vegan Options - Licensed - Non-Smoking

Formerly veggie stalwart, now serves meat. Outside couryard seating

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Place added on Mar 4th, 2004

2 Neal's Yard, Covent Garden. WC2H 9DP London

United Kingdom (map)

Tel 020 7836 3233

London Underground Covent Garden - 0.18 miles
London Underground Leicester Square - 0.25 miles
London Underground Tottenham Court Road - 0.34 miles

This place has 7 reviews

Date of visit: June 2010

I went on Saturday afternoon after avoiding this cafe as its normally overflowing with tourists. the salad was average, the waiter had few social skills to the edge of rude. Yes, it's true they prepare all their vegan food in the same kitchen as meat... and the decor - somebody is colour blind. I think much of their trade is one-off tourists as its expensive and not very good. Those that like it probably like Beetroot and Vitorganic in Soho - both of which I also think are weak, obvious, tired recipes that gives veganism its bad name.

Reviewer Adrian J (London) has written 22 reviews

Date of visit: June 2010

On a previous occasion I had had a very nice chocolate cake, so was looking forward to my meal. However, one of my group got served before me despite arriving later. I later discovered that this was because he had been given my main course! I was served with his main course, which was tasteless. By the time I realized this it would have been too late to get a replacement. I told the waiter, who did nothing. When I got the bill I asked that this mistake be taken into account in what I was charged. The waiter said he was unable to help me. I asked to see the manager, but was told by the waiter that I would have to go to him. When I calmly and politely explained the situation to the manager he interrupted me, refused to listen, talked over me and told me that I should have noticed that there were no beans on my plate. He was very agitated, angry and rude. I would certainly not recommend this restaurant to anyone. If you are vegan the available options are very limited and this no longer includes the chocolate cake. The meal came to nearly £20 for 2 mediocre courses and a drink, so is also very poor value. There are lots of vegetarian eateries in the area that understand the concept of customer care, so don't waste your money here.

Reviewer Robin S has written no other reviews

Date of visit: April 2009

We visited here the other weekend for coffee and vegan cake and were dismayed to find that they have started selling meat!

There's now a page at the back of the menu of 'non-vegetarian' options. How disappointing!

That said, the cakes were lovely!

Reviewer Carole B has written 11 reviews

Date of visit: April 2009

On Monday 6th April my friend and I came to dine at ‘Neal’s Yard Salad Bar’ especially to enjoy your vegetarian food. However by the end of the experience I had wished we had gone somewhere else instead.

I had been to your bar before and had food which I thought I had remembered it being a good experience but it was a very long time ago. I had come to your bar with a positive outlook because it was a place for vegetarians, possibly an ethical company and with a very cool, colourful food court. We did love sitting outside in the food court however this was the only good experience from the entire evening.

I was very disappointed to see at the back of the menu that there was a meat menu which obviously got me wondering if my vegetarian food was being cooked in the same kitchen where the meat was being cooked. However it was also disappointing that your restaurant would serve meat at all especially that you say that Neal’s Yard is a “landmark for vegan/vegetarians”, this gets me wondering if your ethical statements have any weight or is it that your company just wants to make money wherever it can.

We waited for over 45 minutes for our food (and it was not busy and lots of staff standing around) and when it arrived it was thrown down on the table and I had been given the wrong dish, I had received the Vegan Pizza not Vegetarian Pizza. Knowing that I did not like soyonnaise, sweet corn or olives I tried it anyway because I was very hungry having had to wait for 45 minutes already, I tried it and it was

1. Disgusting because it was rock hard

2. Disgusting because I didn’t like it because I didn’t order it

3. Disgusting that it was so expensive for something so small and horrible.

I was very unimpressed by the meal that I did not order. So as you do…I went to the head waiter and said very politely I’m sorry I did not order this I do not want it, please can I have the pizza I did order. The head waiter firstly did NOT apologize, he seemed to say why don’t I just eat that pizza, which I had to explain to him that I did not like the pizza plus I did NOT order it. Then he said that I would have to wait just as long as I did before (to put me off), I then said that we had already been waiting for a long time and that I would not want to wait that long as I was hungry and my friend had his meal. The waiter told me that the pizza would have to be stoned baked and this would take a long time, I was thinking hang on that pizza was not stoned baked, stoned baked pizza are not as hard as rock. When I returned to my friend he offered me his food because he also did not like his spinach pie so he gave it to me and I was grossly astonished of how disgusting it tasted, it was bitter tasting and was not nice. So both of us were to go home hungry with light wallets.

As a customer I was not valued and I still had to pay full price and was not even given a drink on the house to make up for it which would have been the very least you could have done.

Reviewer sylvia1 f has written no other reviews

Date of visit: March 2009

I always try to visit Neals Yard Salad Bar when in London. I believe it is owned/run by Brazilians so I think some foods have this influence. There's a take-away section or you can eat cafe-style outside, otherwise there's a lovely cafe/restaurant upstairs where you can eat off a menu.

Good selection of salads, pastries and hot foods - the tofu and spinach tart is my favourite - plus if you're vegan the chocolate/coconut cake is lovely!

Reviewer Caroline P has written 7 reviews

Date of visit: March 2008

I agree with the last review. It's excellent.

Reviewer Sara D has written 21 reviews

Date of visit: April 2005

Wonderful. The food was great, the atmosphere was wonderful, the service was top. They have a Veggie speciality of the day, and a Vegan speciality. The menu is split into different categories depending on the allergy.

Reasonably priced, and takeaway options.

Reviewer jo m (Oxfordshire) has written no other reviews

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