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In the UK there is no legal definition of "vegetarian" so it is open to some interpretation. The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom insist that their seedling symbol accredited products as well as satisfying most interpretations of "vegetarian", contain only free range eggs if these are used and cheese has to be made from non animal rennet. The only way to guarantee that a restaurant complies with these guidelines is to only eat out in restaurants that have Vegetarian Society accreditation. Because a restaurant is "vegetarian", it does not necessarily mean that the eggs used are all at least free range and the cheese free from animal rennet. Some veggie friendly places follow the guidlelines better than some veggie places, so you do need to have your wits about you.. Wine may also not be suitable and some beers. Restaurants that self certify that they satisfy these stricter criteria are denoted by our VeggiePlus symbol.


Some US cities are so well served by veggie restaurants you might think you had died and gone to vegan heaven. However, some areas are really badly served; in essence provision is patchy. No one seems to bother about the provenance of eggs or cheese; if you are that fussed then you are classed as vegan. Faux milk and meat products have been around much longer in the US than the UK and are much more readily available. They are also generally of better quality and offer more variety.


Vegetarians will find India a veggie Mecca. Vegetarianism is a religious choice and taken very seriously, instead of being regarded, as it is in the UK by some, as posturing. All restaurants have veg and non veg menus. But beware of large hotel restaurants that cater for more European tastes. They use eggs and cheese in their veggie menus and are unconcerned about the provenance. The organic movement has not caught on in India as the cost of ingredients is prohibitive. In some areas near the coast, fish is regarded as vegetarian, so beware of this as well. It is very easy to be vegan in India.

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